Mission & Philosphy

Mission Statement:

SIREN/Eaton Shelter, Inc. promotes the elimination of domestic violence and homelessness by providing temporary housing, support, advocacy, education, and information to the community.

Philosophy Statement:

Promoting the safety, confidentiality and autonomy of domestic violence survivors and homeless families will be the primary tenet driving the services provided by SIREN/Eaton Shelter. In order to accomplish this, SIREN/Eaton Shelter commits to the following:

  • Treating everyone who seeks services with dignity and respect. This attitude is to be reflected in all agency policies, procedures, and personal interactions.
  • Providing programs that are client-driven, family-centered and respectful of lifestyle, gender-identity, and cultural differences.
  • Providing every client with information and education about the dynamics of domestic violence and resources in the community in order to facilitate their making an informed choice about their options.
  • Providing the support and advocacy necessary to help people access needed services.
  • Seeking opportunities to raise public awareness about homelessness and domestic violence in the community.
  • Supporting efforts to hold batterers accountable and promote empowerment for survivors.
  • Working for systems change and long-range solutions to the serious social problems of family violence and homelessness.