eBay Giving Works

Presenting a new way to give!
Donate a percentage of an Ebay sale using Missionfish!


Community Selling - How it works:

  • eBay sellers register for a free Missionfish account. It's a quick and easy process. You simply go to Missionfish's Seller Registration page and follow the instructions. Missionfish makes it easy by connecting with eBay to gather the majority of your personal information. You will need to provide financial information for security purposes.
  • While listing your item for sale, search for and select "SIREN/Eaton Shelter" as the nonprofit that will receive your donation. This option is located in the section where you choose the duration of the auction and quantity of items. Simply type in "siren" in the search box and our name will appear within the first few nonprofit listings, then click the "select" button. This can be done both on Ebay's website or through Turbolister.
  • Choose the percentage of the sale you wish to donate. The percentage drop-down menu is located next to the nonprofit selection drop-down menu.
  • Finish your listing. Complete and review the auction listing details and submit.
  • After the item sells, complete the transaction as usual. MissionFish will collect your donation, distribute it to us, and send you a tax receipt for your contribution.

For more information, please visit the Missionfish Seller's Main Page.

Have something worth selling but no understanding of Ebay's auctioning process? SIREN/Eaton Shelter has a volunteer direct seller that is willing to sell your valuable donated items for you. All you have to do is drop off the item at our office and specify that you would like your donation to be sold on Ebay. Be sure to fill out our donation slip with a valid email address so we can email you a link to the auction after it is posted.  

Please send any additional questions to sireneaton@sbcglobal.net